VIDEO: Potholes in Skipton

The state of the roads in Skipton is something that needs looking at. Take a look at this video.

4 responses to “VIDEO: Potholes in Skipton”

  1. Karen Senior avatar
    Karen Senior

    Yes same happening in Selby, I’ve lived here 26 years & have always been quite proud that the roads were taken care of but now pot holes all over the place. I’m not sure when the roads were last resurfaced but they used to do them regularly?

  2. Alan avatar

    I need to go down and check the bus station again, but from glancing from a distance the other day it looks like some action may have been taken down there. Still many other ones across the town that need dealing with.

    Seems to be going on nationwide that roads are being left to go to pot.

    1. E Haythorne avatar
      E Haythorne

      To be fair, potholes on roads affect many more people and do far more (expensive) damage than those in the bus station.

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